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During the past thirty years, I have acquired knowledge and skill with trees by completing graduate-level course work as well doing extensive fieldwork in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My experience is strongest in private commercial arboriculture, with some experience in municipal, utility, and education. Predominantly, my commercial experience includes nine years of running my own tree service (All Seasons Tree Care) and two years as foreman for the M. F. Blair Tree Expert Company. As the foreman of the City of San Mateo municipal crew for seven years, I also learned how a city crew functions.

For the past nine years, as a professional certified arborist, I have been engaged in consultations regarding all phases of tree care, specializing in:

* Arborist Reports * Appraisals
* Stress, Disease, Pest Analysis * Risk Assessment
* Construction: Tree Protection Measures * Expert Witness

My academic start was in Liberal Arts, with later graduate-level work in Horticulture, and lastly in legal studies concluding with a J.D.

To keep current about the latest technologies and advancements in tree care, I attend continuing education seminars and conferences, as well as read the current literature and studies.

I have published articles in the following periodicals:

* Western Arborist
* Arboricultural Consultant
* Landscape Contractor Magazine

I created, and manage monthly “Tool Days”: A forum for local arborists to exchange information and ideas.

I remain active in professional organizations, including:

* Int’l Soc. of Arboriculture (ISA Certified Arborist) * Western Chapter ISA
* American Society of Consulting Arborists * California Arborists’ Association


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